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Both above and below we have you covered.

Drone-Aerial Videos-Mid North Coast

Particularly popular for events that require lots of fast action, drones and aerials capture the whole experience in an attention-grabbing fashion that your audience will love.

Drone and aerial footage can provide a bird’s eye view of all the goings on with unlimited versatility.  At MVP we create an immersive experience that can take your event to a whole new level.

It’s a great way to generate a buzz with your audience!

Quality Underwater Videos

We go wherever is needed to capture the best content and immerse your customer in the true experience.

Using state of the art equipment we have travelled the world working with tourism boards to showcase amazing locations such as Fiji and the Philippines and the true beauty of the underwater world.

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Skip The Diy Stress

No… DIY video is not easy! Save time and money with a professional video production team.

The Pricing Sweet-spot

Your small business is on a budget so we have created cost-effective video production packages.

Creative Thinking

Let our small business video production company come up with compelling ideas to showcase your brand.

Fast, Efficient Production

Our systems allow us to plan, shoot and edit your videos in weeks, not months.

Video Works

Want your small business to stand out and attract clients while you sleep? Video is the simple answer.

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Let’s have some fun while working together; our team is all about the feel-good vibes.