I wanted to give a quick shout out to my mate Clint and the team at My Video Producer (MVP). I’ve been working around production and television and advertising for 15 odd years and so I know a bit about it and I can honestly say Clint and the team at My Video Producer are as good as anyone I’ve seen if not the best. I met Clint about eight months ago up at a job in Port Macquarie. We hit it off straight away and we started working together and we haven’t looked back champion bloke but more than that a very slick outfit video production can be hard time-consuming and a headache clint takes all that away from you and me to just focus on what we do and stay in our lane it’s brilliant he’s got a great resource behind him a whole heap of support and to give you an example we shot 54 videos one morning and I started getting them back a week or so later from their b-roll footage perfect the shoot perfect I love working with him and look videos so important these days to get your message out there and a cut through this guy and his business is a one-stop shop if you’re going to use anyone check out mvp my video producer you’re a champion clint I love working with you all the best.