Hello i’m morris from eco master and we’ve been using clint from my video producer for quite some time to edit our videos we record our own videos and we send them through to clint’s editors for production in our view the product is either won or lost in the editing so we’re very happy with clint’s editors they’re so easy to work with they know exactly where to splice in the b-roll they add the background music and the logos and they make it look really world-class they even make ordinary talent look really good on screen they’re also quite creative so sometimes we get back a product that looks way better than we ever anticipated you know and they’ve they’ve added creativity that we would never have thought to add so it’s always been a really good process with them and you can go back and forwards and say i don’t like this here or there and they just you know apply those changes and they make a super product they’re really easy to work with so if you have a business and you’re happy to record your own videos the hard part is the editing and they make it really easy so i would certainly recommend my video producer to get your editing done